KAVSAR Uzbek HALAL  Restaurant

Kavsar unique cuisine

Uzbek cuisine is not particularly hot and incendiary, although, of course, very fragrant. Some of the main spices that we use are black cumin, red and black pepper, barberry, coriander and sesame seeds. More common herbs are coriander (fresh coriander), dill, parsley, celery and basil. Various pickled vegetables are served as an excellent accompaniment to the main dishes.
We do not use frozen food – we buy fresh ingredients on the local farmers’ market every day. Fresh fresh Uzbek national bread is baked daily. In addition to delicious dishes in Uzbekistan, we also offer Russian cuisine, such as the popular Borsht soup, the fragrant Beef Stroganoff and several other dishes.
Vegetarians and vegans will also find many options in our menu.
We are open daily from 12:00 to 22:00.

Our Love for Food
Since 2013 we serve Pittsburgh residents authentic, freshly prepared Uzbek and Russian dishes. Healthy food is our motto; our dishes prepared using only natural ingredients and served according to the centuries old traditions.
Your satisfaction is our main goal. Make your reservation today to experience Kavsar’s unique cuisine.
Plov or Osh, the Uzbek version of “pilaff” (“pilav”), is the flagship of Uzbek cuisine. It is cooked in a specially imported from Uzbekistan cooking cauldron called “Kazan”. Plov consists mainly of fried meat, onions, carrots rice and combination of spices. Raisins, barberries, chickpeas, dry or fresh fruit added for variation. We serve our plov topped with green shallots. Yum!
Uzbek men are proud of their ability to cook the most unique and luxurious pilaf. “Oshpaz”, or chef, often cooks pilaf on open fire, sometimes served up to 1000 people from one boiler for holidays or occasions, such as weddings. It certainly takes many years of practice where there is no way to prepare meals, sometimes containing up to 200 pounds of rice!
Manties – large pair of dumplings, more than most products – is a tasty, juicy handmade dish. Paper-thin dough stuffed with meat, onions and spices. Artistic folds, such as the edge of a volcano, emit a powerful flavor. Manti served with special sauce.
Tea is revered in the best oriental traditions. It is offered primarily to any guest, and there are a number of morals associated with the preparation, supply and consumption of tea. Green tea is a drink of hospitality and prevails. Black tea is preferred in the capital Tashkent. Both green and black tea are rarely taken with milk or sugar. The whole part of the Uzbek food culture is devoted exclusively to tea drinking. Some of them include samy, bread, halva and various fried foods.
“Tea house” (tea house) is the cornerstone of the traditional Uzbek society. Always shaded, preferably located next to the cool flow, the teahouse is a gathering place for social interaction and fraternity. Abundant Uzbek men gather around low tables, centered on beds decorated with ancient carpets, enjoying delicious plows, kebabs and endless cups of tea.
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