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Family restaurant

Welcome to KAVSAR Uzbek restaurant. Visit us and enjoy your time here. This is the first Uzbek Halal restaurant in Pittsburgh, and the distinctive feature is that we follow a healthy lifestyle with healthy food and positive emotions. Kavsar is a paradise river, where the water is crystal clear. Moreover, it is whiter than milk and colder than ice. The word "KAVSAR" means "abundance" or "much wealth". Everyone who plunges into this river, will never thirst and will always be healthy.

Kavsar Halal Restaurant

Casual and relaxing atmosphere in KAVSAR will help you relax and enjoy delicious authentic dishes of Uzbek and Russian cuisine, prepared from scratch, using fresh local ingredients. Uzbek bread, freshly baked daily, is an excellent accompaniment for all our dishes. We are BYOB. enjoyment and satisfaction is our most important goal!
We are open daily from 12:00 to 22:00!